Feather All Stainless Closed Comb Safety Razor Gift Set


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Feather All Stainless 3 Piece Safety Razor in Box with Blades
A superbly engineered work of art!
This AS-D2 is Feather's second generation All Stainless Steel double edge safety razor.
This Stunning work of design and art is safely stowed in custom-fit black foam, and packed in a protective burgundy wooden presentation case with a fitted cover.
The checkered/knurled handle is perfectly balanced and feels comfortable in the hand.
This razor is more aggressive (closer shaving) than the previous model and will quickly move to the top of your rotation.
  • Includes a 5 Pack of World Renowned Feather Hi-Stainless DE Blades.
  • All Stainless Finish virtually eliminates the possibility of rust

Approximate Dimensions:

  • Weight: 3.2oz-90g
  • Length: 3.8in-98mm

Manufactured in Japan.


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Israel R.
Love it! Expensive but well worth it!.

My overall experience with the Feather is wonderful!. great on my skin no nicks no cuts smooth, not like some other ones that I own.Quality is what you would expect from Japans Craftsmanship.

Emmanuil C.
After 3y

After three years of use and whereas i prefer aggressive razors like my ikon tech, Feather became my workhorse. I use as an everyday razor and that's what it needs to show its potential. Just wiping it off after use and every single piece of it works and joints like the very first day did, 3 years ago. Again, it is mild, but even a coarse bearded face has no problem with it and -amazingly- 2 strokes are enough to get rid of beard, with not a single irritation. Paradoxically, i prefer BIC chrome platinums vs feather blades in it. Maybe the unusual angle of the blade make them seem more comfortable and forgiving. Both materials used, mildness and efficiency turned its price from high to reasonable. Recommended for everyday use with sharp blades dor best results its head geometry can provide.

Philip L.
Shaving Excellence

Amazing shaving, feels like there's no blade in the razor and I get a close smoth shave.

J P.
Amazing Feather

Have enjoyed a number of years of DE shaving with my wonderful Jagger with Feather blades. I’ve enjoyed every shave. After watching Geo’s video, I decided to pay the two bills for the newest Feather DE, just on a lark. I deserve a small luxury, but I mean, how much can a shaving experience improve when I already use a very good quality razor The new Feather DE, using the same used blade I took out of my Jagger, produced a shave that was subjectively 20 or 30% smoother and closer than the Jagger….which already was great by the way. Especially on my lower neck..don’t like to put too much pressure there and cause rash. I’ve had three shaves with my new Feather…and they’ve all been like shaving my face over a thick coating of butter under the Proraso cream. Neck as smooth as my cheek. Effortless…zero pull.

I have no idea how that razor could make that kind of difference…my mere mortal eyes cannot discern enough difference between the heads of the Jagger and the Feather to make that degree of difference. But it did! I’m a happy guy.

Love this razor

I'm fairly new to DE shaving. I started with a Viking razor nearly bled to death. Then picked up the Merkur long handled barber pole, I like this one a lot, but don't like the blade overhang on the sides. I was watching Geo's review of the AS-D2 and my gf saw how intrigued I was with it-. So she bought it for me.

I really love the feel of it in my hand and the way it balances perfectly for me. The machine work is meticulous. The fit and finish are superlative.

I'm trying different blades to find which work best with my skin. I have these annoying tiny bumps that like to get nicked. So still going through the process of learning the right technique and finding the right blade. Having fun all the while.

The order process here is very slick and easy. And the receipt has a handwritten thank you from Geo. The packaging is crazy good. I was blown away by how well everything was protected.

As a side note- All the reviews and videos have been a great source of information and tremendous resource. I think anyone who does all that deserves our support. Could you save a couple of bucks on Amazon, sure. But I don't see ol Jeff reviewing shaving products for us! Support local and small business owners!

Thanks for everything Geo!

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