Feather Closed Comb Stainless Safety Razor-Wood Handle-Gift Set


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Made in Japan to the highest possible standards the Feather WS-D2S is the ultimate 3 Piece safety razor. It is crafted from high grade stainless steel and dark hardwood to exceptionally high engineering tolerances. The hardwood is impregnated with resin to make it waterproof, look closely and you'll see the natural grain of the wood. The handle is contoured to deliver a firm grip when you wet shave, the handle is longer than previous Feather DE razors at 104mm. Both ends of the handle are knurled. The face of the head has the Feather logo etch washed onto it with the words 'wood handle stainless steel double edge razor'.

The WS-D2S comes complete with a Feather branded stand which is crafted from solid, highly polished stainless steel with a band of the same hardwood used in the handle which provides a stunning contrast to the polished steel. The words Feather and Japan are engraved on the stand and back filled with black enamel paint.

The razor and stand are housed in a hand-lacquered presentation box, you will also receive 5 Feather razor blades and a guarantee featuring an exclusive number for your beautifully made razor.

This Work Of Art comes with a stand which is a perfect match to the razor! Fashioned from stainless steel and matching wood, providing a small footprint, and huge eye appeal on your sink top!

This Set includes the 3-Piece Razor shown, Stand, and Feather Hi-Stainless Platinum Blades in a fitted, padded, attractive wood resin coated box, well suited for gift-giving.
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Approximate Dimensions:

  • Weight: 2.4oz-68g
  • Handle Length: 4.4in-111mm

Imported from Japan


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