Fatip Chrome Grande Open Comb Safety Razor Travel Shaving Kit


$49.99 USD 

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This beautiful kit comes with a Fatip Grande Chrome open comb head safety razor, one pack of durable Timor double edge razor blades and a handsome black leather travel case with magnetic flip closure. 

3-piece design with an open comb head, and a serrated handle inspired by the columns in Greek architecture. Open comb safety razors are popular among shavers who prefer to shave less often and are looking for a razor capable of cutting long hairs fast.  The open comb design has the ability to reach the skin between the long hairs and cut them effortlessly. Open comb razors are also generally more aggressive razors and Fatip open comb razors are no different. If you’re looking for a razor that cuts fast and effectively this is it, making your daily shave more efficient. You can also adjust the shaving aggressiveness by switching between different Double Edge Blades.

Fatip Grande 3-piece safety razors are made from machined brass, with a cast brass head plated with nickel or chrome. This one is the nickel plated version. Fatip safety razors are made in Italy, by the artisans of Premana, since 1950.

Fatip Safety Razor Travel Kit includes:

  • Fatip Grande Double Edge Safety Razor
  • 10 Pack Timor double edge razor blades
  • Black Leather case-Magnetic Closure 

Approximate Case Dimensions:

  • L: 4.3in-110mm 
  • W: 2.5in-65mm 
  • H: 1.2in-30mm


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