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Twist Up Shaving Soap Container Case

Choose the EMPTY option for the empty container only.

Choose the LOADED option and we will send it preloaded with the Arko or Derby shave stick, your choice!

Examples for use:

1) Fill it with the Arko or Derby shave stick: Remove the foil wrapper from the stick. Leave the stick screwed all the way down so that the center rod is completely inside the container. Slide the soap down into the container until the entire stick is inside. Them just twist soap up as needed!

2) You can also grate shaving soap with a cheese grater or break off chunks and push them down into the tube.

3) Carefully melt down a glycerin based shave soap and pour it right in. Let it cool completely, then just twist the bottom to raise the stick as needed. After use, just screw the cap on and toss it in your dopp case. Ready for travel!

  • Make your own shaving sticks
  • Great for travel or home use
  • No more messy shave sticks

Approximate Dimensions with cap on tight: 5 inches X 1-1/2 Inches

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