Dovo Barbarossa 5/8 Spanish Point Tortoise Straight Razor


$189.99 USD 

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Dovo Barbarossa 5/8 Short Blade Straight Razor

Coming in at ~39.2 grams with a ~46mm cutting length span, Dovo’s Barbarossa 105803513 is a ‘shorty’ razor featuring the same grind profile as any common type 5/8″ Full Hollow Spanish Point Solingen modern, minus that 2.5cm or so of cutting length (and its associative weight).

File jimps (the little ridges) are present upon the underside of the tang (the part you hold while shaving) to aid in your handling.

The tortoise themed resin scales have been shortened accordingly.

This is a “shoulderless” razor, which makes it slightly better handling upon a strop and a whetstone (there’s no small secondary ridge present to avoid).

  • Blade: 5/8 Spanish Point
  • Full Hollow Ground
  • Carbon Steel
  • Shortened Cutting Length
  • Faux Tortoise Handles

    Made in Solingen, Germany


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