Dovo Astrale Straight Razor 5/8 Ebony with Engraving Plate


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Dovo 5/8 Ebony Handle Round Pt Straight Razor w/ Engraving Plate
The ebony scales of this beautiful straight razor are inlaid with a silver engraving plate.
The engraving plate provides a space for personalization of the razor.
Ebony is an exotic wood that is black with occasional chocolate-brown seams.
The rarest ebony is pure black throughout the wood.
Ebony is a very dense wood and easily finishes to a beautiful sheen.
The 5/8 Swedish Carbon Steel blade is the most popular width and offers the most flexibility.
This flexibility makes the straight razor easy to maneuver, especially in small facial areas, such as under the nose.
*Made in the Dovo Manufactory in Solingen, Germany


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