Dovo Straight Razor 5/8 Buffalo Horn


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Dovo 5/8 Straight Razor w/ Large Buffalo Horn Handles
Along with the distinctive Buffalo Horn handle comes a mirror polished, 5/8 hollow ground blade forged from Carbon Steel that features 24k gold decorative etching.
This truly is an exquisite piece of craftsmanship and an ideal addition to any straight razor collection.
  • 5/8 Carbon Steel Blade
  • Large Buffalo Horn Handles
  • Includes Beautiful Blue Metal Hinged Presentation Case

Manufactured in the Dovo Manufactory, in Solingen, Germany, the finest manufacturer of straight razors in the world.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Maurice Champagne
A Beautiful Razor

To satisfy my RAD (Razor Acquisition Disorder) 🤣, I treated myself to the Shave Nation wide alum block and this beautiful razor. The products arrived quickly, and the razor was shave ready. Also, the razor glided smoothly across my face, leaving it baby smooth. Thank you Geofatboy for your excellent products and outstanding service.

Michael J.
New DOVO 98 Razor

I have not used this one yet as it is almost too nice and beautiful.
If it is like my other DOVO 98 which has the Buffalo Horn handle as well and is 20 years old, I know it will perform just as well. Been very happy with their razors. Shaves better than all those fancy multi-head or safety razors. I always get an excellent close shave leaving my skin nice and smooth. It is a lot easier to shave around my beard and mustache with a straight razor and I can get into tight spots that a safety razor wont.
Great customer service, fast and efficient from Shave Nation.

Michael C.
It was truly a amazing

It was truly a amazing piece. And the customer service is outstanding .

Mark Perrin
Best dad-blamed razor!

After having owned and shaved with an Otto Deutsch Hans straight razor for about 45 years (beautiful thing) I decided to compare it to a Dovo. The craftsmanship in the Dovo exceeds, by far, that of the Hans. The photo of the Dovo Buffalo Horn scales (handle) does not compare to the glistening, shiny finish of the real thing. This razor has brought me into a world of the finest shave possible. All I needed to do was strap it a couple of times and it was good to go. The gold leafing across the spine is a wonderful design I have never seen provided on a straight razor before. Excellent piece of work.
Mark P.

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