Dovo Straight Razor 5/8 Olivewood


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Dovo Stainless Straight Razor w/ Olivewood Handle
This Dovo straight razor is quite simply a natural beauty.
Although Olive Wood is naturally impervious to water, the handcrafted handle is further sealed and polished to preserve its natural beauty and longevity.
The olive trees from which it is made may be centuries old, each a miniature work of art.

The olive wood handle is combined with a stainless steel blade handcrafted from a blank forging that goes through ice tempering, hardening and many grinding, honing and polishing processes before the finished product is complete.
The blade is etched with 24K gold and has the INOX etching which is German for Stainless Steel.
The 5/8 blade is most popular and features a round point offering a bit of extra safety.
  • Full Hollow Ground Blade
  • The shank is stamped with the #41 signifying a stainless steel blade
  • This Razor has file jimps on the underside of the tang for a sure grip.
  • The DOVO logo and Made in Germany are also engraved on the blade
  • From the Dovo Manufactory in Solingen, Germany

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