Boker King Cutter Straight Razor 5/8 Blade


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The King Cutter has been a firm component of the Boker Straight Razor Program since the start of the 20th century. With its practical 5/8" blade, it is the ideal knife for every morning, easy to use, and provides a very good shave even for inexperienced users. The non-stainless blade is made from best Solingen straight razor steel and easily handles everyday shaving. The blade is made by hand with an extra hollow grind with belly. Inclusive authentic Boker stamp in blade. Delivered in historic packaging and certificate of authenticity.

The King Cutter Black with black synthetic handle is the best-selling straight razor of the Boker manufacture. The fine Boker tree inlay made from nickel silver is placed on the high-quality, moisture-resistant synthetic handle in painstaking manual work and then polished. The serration (jimps) on both sides of the tang of the blue-polished blade provides an especially secure grip.

  • Features historical blade etching
  • Has the authentic Boker Logo stamped onto the blade.
  • Made completely by hand in the Boker Manufactory in Solingen, Germany.
  • Includes certificate of authenticity.
  •  5/8
  •  Carbon Steel
  •  Synthetic
  •  Round Point

Comes stowed inside a hygienically sealed black sleeve/case for convenient storage and added protection.

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