Boker Blue Shell Straight Razor 7/8 Blade


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Upon opening the presentation case we find this to be one of the most beautiful straight razors we have seen in a long time! The light hits the blue handle and shows beautiful reflections and accents that are very pleasing to the eye!

The mighty 7/8 inch wide blade of this exceptional razor also carries a Barber's Notch. The handle material is Paua, which are crustaceans of the abalone genus, but unlike abalones they are only found in the unspoiled nature of New Zealand's coastal waters. They have been used by the Maori as traditional body ornaments for many centuries and are still used today as decorative features for figures, weapons and meeting houses. The impressive handle scales are absolutely unique in colour and pattern. In addition to the extraordinary adhesion material, which is additionally provided with an ornamental rivet, the detailed blade with laser engraving immediately catches the eye. With authentic Boker stamp in the blade passage, historical Boker etching, and a certificate of authenticity and historical packaging. 

This razor is enhanced with a barbers notch and the tang behind the edge is enhanced with grip serrations or jimps on both sides. Böker states that this straight razor is ready to be used as it is delivered to your doorstep. This means that it was sharpened razor-sharp and stropped so you can immediately Get Your Shave On!

  • Handle Material: Abalone
  • Blade Width: 7/8 with Historical Etching
  • Grind: Extra Hollow
  • Blade Material: Polished Carbon Steel
  • Point: Barber's Notch 

Handmade in the Boker Manufactory in Solingen, Germany.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Beautiful Beast

This is another beautiful work of art from Böker. After getting my first Böker, the 6/8" abalone and being super impressed, I decided to add this one to the collection too. I'm glad I did. While it has the same quality and attention to detail as the other one, the 7/8" blade with barbers notch is a slightly different shaving experience. I wouldn't recommend this as a first straight razor purchase though. You'll likely need some time and experience with a 5/8" round point before stepping up to the heftier version. But, based on my experience with these two Bökers, I would highly recommend trying a king cutter instead of a Dovo entry model, as a first experience. But, if you are debating between this Böker and say a Thiers Issard Spartacus, I'd lean towards the Spartacus. While the Spartacus scales aren't as ornate, it's the favored razor of my entire collection thus far.

Brad Williams
Best shave! And its beautiful.

An amazing razor, worth every penny. The pictures do not give it justice.

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