Fine Slant Bar Safety Razor with Astra Blades


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Since the advent of the safety razor, a diverse array of inventive methods have been devised to maximize the utility of this seemingly simple tool. None, however, can match the elegant yet perilous "torqued blade approach" when it comes to sheer results. Indeed, the few razors in history that have successfully implemented such a design have become legendary among collectors, despite many others offering merely watered-down or crude facsimiles, in an attempt to capture the magic.

The Fine Slant Razor has been uncompromisingly designed and built to deliver on the dream of the maximized shaving performance that a torqued blade razor might provide. Everything from the lightweight aluminum material and highly polished surfaces, to the precision CNC machining utilized to shape each piece, were chosen specifically to benefit the comfort and efficiency of the resulting shave.

Due to the highly efficient slicing action that the slanted and torqued blade generates, for best results the Fine Slant Razor should be used with a mild blade, and with little to no pressure applied to your skin. Lightly glide the razor over your face once with the grain of your beard, once across the grain, and once against the grain (adding lather before each pass), for the closest and most comfortable shave a safety razor can provide. If experiencing irritation, try using cold water throughout your shave.

Includes a Free 5 Pack of Astra Superior Platinum DE Blades (Green Pkg)-Only at Shave Nation Shaving Supplies®

  • Three Piece Slant Razor
  • CNC Machined Aluminum Construction
  • Made in China

Approximate Dimensions:

  • Weight: 1.1 oz-32g
  • Height: 3.1in-80mm


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