Shave Nation 3 Inch Latigo Leather Razor Strop

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Stropping prior to every shave will align the microscopic edge of your straight razor allowing it to slice through your beard like a hot knife through butter! These Leather Strops are made in the USA with Premium Latigo Leather and Sturdy Removable Chrome Hardware. 3 inches wide so you can easily strop your razor without having to perform the X pattern. Your choice of Black or Burgundy.

Apply some Chromium Oxide to the Fabric for even better results!

One Section is Smooth Latigo Leather, the other is Ivory Linen, which makes it easier to see what compound or paste you have applied to it. 

Approximate Dimensions:

  • Overall Length: 28 in x 3 in
  • Usable Strop Area: 17 in x 3 in 

Made in the USA

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