Dovo Aftershaves


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Dovo Aftershaves-Put an end to your face’s insatiable desire for perfection! Here comes the really good stuff. For your razor and for your skin!

BERLIN BARBER: Open the wooden lid and spoil your skin after shaving with a composition of care and fragrance. Vanilla and sandalwood form a warm, earthy base. Lavender, bergamot and lime emerge as vitalizing components. The interplay of the finest ingredients has been specifically developed for after-shave care.

CITRUS LION: Revitalize your senses post shave with mandarin, lemongrass and bitter orange. The citrus scents rest on a strong foundation of cedar and sandalwood. With this, you complete your shaving ritual with a superior composition of exquisite ingredients. The glass bottle with wooden lid underlines the exclusive character of your new aftershave.

2.7oz-80ml dark thick glass bottle with wood screw cap

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Made in USA

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