Feather Lux Closed Comb Butterfly Safety Razor Shaving Set


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The Luxury Shaving Set includes the Feather Popular Double Edge Shaving Razor and Jatai Professional Shaving Cream.

The FEATHER Popular Double Edge Razor is the economical choice when it comes to double edge razors. Return to a state when traditional wet shaving was king and you could lose yourself in your shaving experience. Each stroke leaves your skin soft and smooth. With the help of modern technology, Feather double-edge razors offer greater control and provide a closer shave than multi-blade cartridge razors. In fact, they are the next best thing to a straight razor shave. They can even save you money in the long term as double edge blades are more affordable than cartridge replacements.

The Jatai Professional Shaving Cream is a part of our mens facial grooming series inspired by traditional barbering to promote healthy skin and hair. Theres no blade buildup, its easy to rinse off, it saves time and extends the life of the blade. The shaving cream is great for thick coarse hair and its easy to outline the beard and moustache. Once you use Jatais Shaving Cream you will notice how soft and smooth your skin can really be!


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Stanley c.

This came out so very great nice job love it thanks

Simple yet great

This is a simple, yet a great starter razor.
Helped me to start my way into the realm of safety razors
Will be used for travels and other occasions

Frank V.
Lite as a Feather

I have been using a Merkur Progress adjustable safety razor for many years.
I wanted to change things up, so I ordered a Feather Lux Closed comb, after watching a SN you tube of the Feather Popular.
Much different weight.
A Lite, Fast and nimble shave, no nicks.
And the tube of JAtai shave cream was a nice bonus also
(I still love my Taylor of Bond St cream).
It’s great to try new things!

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