Suavecito Original Hold Winter Pomade 2017


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This is the same pomade the world knows and loves but with a wintry twist. It will come to you with beautiful new labels and a fragrance that compliments the magical feeling that comes from the winter season. Our Warm Clove fragrance will blow the stockings off the mantle. 2017 Winter Edition.

Directions: Take a small scoop into the palm of your hands and rub hands together warming the product. Apply to dry or slightly damp hair. Ensure even distribution and finger comb to style. Finish and lock in your look with a comb or brush.

Fragrance profile: When experiencing this flavor your nose will experience different notes like hearing a well practiced orchestra working through a beautiful classical musical piece. So, take a whiff. It’s first note is a spicy cinnamon blend that will wake you right up. Then, as you keep inhaling, the cinnamon is carefully balanced out (but never muted) with sweet vanilla bean, smooth clove and nutmeg. As the your inhale tapers off you will be left with a pleasantly warm and sweet finish. It is best worn during the winter months and is made to compliment tobacco, musk and sweetly scented colognes, aftershaves or balms.

  • Water based
  • Medium hold
  • New Warm Clove fragrance
  • Washes out with just water
  • Easy to use
  • Net wt. 4 oz.

Sturdy 4oz jar with screw cap.

Made in USA


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