Suavecito Firme Hold Fall Pomade 2017


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A new season has arrived and with it a new pomade fragrance from your buddies at Suavecito. It is Oakmoss Fall Pomade and it's pretty great. This is our new seasonal pomade complete with a fresh original scent and limited edition artwork on the label.

As with all of our seasonal pomades this one will be here for only a limited time. Once we are out, we’re out and these always go fast. These seasonal pomades use the same formulas from our original pomades you know and love while adding in a completely new fragrance that is appropriate for the season. The pomade is water soluble, holds hard and is super easy to apply. We also like to wrap the can in some new threads for all the collectors out there. 

Fragrance Profile: Lime, oakmoss, clove, musk and smoked wood blended expertly. This fine scent will carry you through the season perfectly fusing in with all the smells that come with the next couple of months.

Directions: Start with a small amount and apply to dry or slightly damp hair for best results. Work through hair evenly and comb to desired style. To remove, simply rinse out pomade with water.

  • Celebrating the season with a great unique scent
  • Firme/Strong hold pomade
  • Water soluble
  • Glow in the dark label!
  • 4 ounces of awesome

Made in USA


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