Simpsons Shaving Cream Café Latte Luxury Shaving Cream


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Simpsons Café Latte Shaving Cream

Simpsons' Luxury Shaving Cream is formulated to deliver the smoothest shaving experience yet for the traditional wet shaver.

A small amount of cream, coupled with a quality shaving brush and water, will produce a rich, creamy, and extremely decadent lather, resulting in a remarkably close shave. Scented with pure essential oils and herb extracts, Café Latte has a rich coffee fragrance.

Simpsons' Luxury Shaving Cream will enhance your whole wet shaving experience, leaving you revitalized and your skin feeling fresh and super smooth. Highly concentrated, you should get a minimum of 2 months of use from one tub.

  • Formulated to deliver the smoothest and most vitalizing shaving experience
  • Rich, creamy, silky smooth & extremely decadent lather for a remarkably close shave
  • Size: 125ml
  • Made in England


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