Shave Nation Soft Synthetic Travel Brush Blue

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This Three-Piece Shave Nation Soft Synthetic Travel Brush Blue is perfect for your next trip!

Constructed of sturdy anodized aluminum to endure the rigors of your busy life. Remove from bag, assemble, shave, return to your Dopp case or leave it on the countertop to dry until your next shave. Base has 5 holes for air and moisture to escape.

  • Soft Synthetic Bristles
  • Anodized Aluminum
  • Dries quickly
  • Breaks down for easy storage

Approximate Dimensions:

  • Open: 6in-152mm
  • Closed: 3.5in-89mm
  • Tube Width: 1.2in-31mm
  • Knot: 23mm Wide x 55mm High


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