Shave Nation Heavy Black and Chrome Handle Pure Badger Brush-S&D

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Scratch & Dent (minor flaws, scratches) Shave Nation Pure Badger Shaving Brush with Gleaming Black and Chrome Handle.
Comfortable, Contoured Grip, with Premium Pure Badger Bristles. A Necessary Component To A Successful Shave. Hand Selected Pure Badger Bristles. Whips up a Luscious Thick Lather! This brush will be an excellent addition to your shave den!

Approximate Dimensions:

  • Overall Height: 113mm
  • Knot Diameter at Handle: 23mm
  • Knot Height/Loft: 57mm
  • Handle Diameter: 31mm (widest point)
  • Handle Height: 56mm
This Brush will look great alongside just about any razor!

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