Shave Nation Stainless Geo Bowl (Discounted)

Shave Nation

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Custom Stainless Steel Geo Bowl Imperfect *Discounted*
A few of these bowls arrived that are not quite up to snuff!
The Result: You $ave!
There may be light scratches, a vary small ding, or some other blemish visible, aside from that, it will build lather like nobodys business!
The perfect size so you dont bang your brush against the sides while lathering.
Pedestal design allows Sure-Grip from the bottom while whipping luscious lather.
*Constructed of long lasting, gleaming Stainless Steel
*Padded bottom for added protection
The ideal shaving bowl to complement all of your shaving equipment and greatly improve upon your shaving experience!
Dimensions: (approximate)
Height: 3in (76mm)
Width: 5-3/4in (146mm)
Deep: 2-1/4in (57mm)
Durable Stainless Steel
*Price Reduced/Final Sale*

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