Shave Nation XL Alum Block with Storage Case

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Shave Nation has been designated the exclusive USA supplier for Shavex to offer these premium alum blocks!
*Super-Size Extra large 125g alum block
*Formulated from naturally occurring alum deposits
*Suitable for all skin-types
*Ideal Post-shave Healer, Facial Skin Toner, Natural Deodorant, & Antiseptic Tool
*Each block is individually wrapped in plastic with Shave Nation logo
*Protective Latching Plastic Storage Case.
*Great Value! Can last up to 2 years with normal use.
*Buy one for your face and one to use as a natural deodorant!
Block Size (approximate dimensions)
  • Large Size Block: 4.5oz-125g
  • L: 3-1/4 in - 83 mm
  • W: 1-3/4 in - 44 mm
  • H: 1 in - 25 mm
The Best way to complete your shave!
Shave Nation Expert Quality Alum Blocks are ideal for your Post-Shave routine.
Our advanced translucent alum block leaves no residue on skin upon application.
Finish off your shave in proper fashion and show your support for Shave Nation!
Also available here in a handy travel size.
Store alum in its case after use/do not store on stone or marble counter top.

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