Prep Cream Tube


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PREP Skin Protective Crème can be used as a preshave or brushless shaving cream.
This unique formulation with its wonderful menthol fragrance soothes, calms and cools the skin, preparing it for a painless shave.
The 6 active ingredients are medically proven to help reduce skin sensitivity and irritation associated with shaving sensitive skin and heavy beards, making the shaving process more comfortable.
The cream delivers the active ingredients to the skin, lubricating the skin surface and assisting razor glide, softening the beard and in turn helping to prevent nicks, cuts and razor burn. Prep eases the shaving of problem areas under the chin and on either side of the throat. Can be applied by brush or by hand.
Multi-purpose skin protection for the whole family.
  • soothes
  • cools
  • protects

Sturdy 125ml sealed tube with screw cap.

Made in Republic of San Marino 


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