Safety Razor Folding Travel Pouch Carrier

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This pouch is great for carrying your Treasured Safety Razors and Pocket Knives safely

  • Padded for extra protection and designed to withstand many years of daily use. Cut and puncture resistant sturdy fabric for long lasting durability.
  • Holds a wide selection of Razors, Knives, and Tools safely. Foldable, features a tough canvas cover flap as extra protection for your knives, a magic tape (velcro type) closure to secure the razors and knives safely inside, Roll it up, press it, and you’re safely on your way! 10 sleeves-holds 10 razors, knives and accessories, such as paring, carving, ceramic, scissors, and other chef utensils or tools.
  • Portable Convenient and Functional. Carry your razors and pocket knifes with ease and safety when heading off to work, hunting, fishing, camping, or grilling.


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