Parker Straight Razor 6/8 with Red Oak Handles

Parker Safety Razor

$279.00 USD 

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In the spirit of American cottage industry, every part of a Parker straight razor is created and assembled in the U.S.A., from start to finish, by an individual craftsman. One Artisan Technician has hand-ground, sharpened and assembled each razor.

The one-piece scales have a simple elegance and are extremely durable, providing an excellent balance to the razor's edge. A hex screw attaches the scales, so you can easily adjust, tighten or loosen to your preference, as well as re-scale the razor using the provided hex wrench. Additionally, each razor comes with its own moisture wicking silicon infused cotton sheath and is packaged in an elegant veneer cherry wood Parker gift box with care instructions.

What makes a Parker Straight Razor different? All blades are:

  • Made from O-1 tool steel. There are no old forgings or "mystery metal"
  • Surface ground before and after heat-treating. These razors are guaranteed to be straight for ease of stropping and honing.
  • Heat treated in a molten salt bath. The salt protects the blades from decarburization and oxidation.
  • Frozen in liquid nitrogen. The deep freezing assures dimensional stability.
  • Triple tempered for a final hardness of 62-63 HRC.
  • Finish honed on a vintage Escher hone and hand stropped. Every blade is "shave-ready" right out of the box.

Blade type: 6/8 quarter ground  - Special Silk Finish - Square Point -  with hand carved jimps on the inside edge of the blade's tang for extra grip and control while shaving.

Scales/Handles: Premium Red Oak Hardwood


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