Muhle Thuja Stylo SilverTip Brush


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Muehle Stylo SilverTip Badger Brush w/ Thuja Wood Handle
Sophisticated modern Conical design from Muhles renowned design studio.
Beautiful Thuja (Red Cedar) with a wide chrome accent ring at the knot and the foot.
The wood for the handles is gained from the roots of the tree and features a noble texture.
Thuja surfaces are sealed in a special process and therefore absolutely 100% water resistant.

Topped with a loft of Muehles finest SilverTip Badger which is stiffer than silvertip.

The Stylo series is also distinctive in that they have replaceable lofts.
A distinguished and beautiful shave brush, sure to please the most discriminating of wet shavers.
Approximate Dimensions:
*Packaged in a gorgeous hinged satin pillow lined presentation box.
* Ht:112mm
* Loft:55mm
* Base:57mm
* Knot:21mm
Matches perfectly with the Thuja Wood Stylo Razor R71SR for a beautiful set of shaving implements.
Manufactured in Germany

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