Muhle KOSMO Silvertip Brush Horn


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This Brush features handcrafted materials in premium quality.
Horn coloured high-grade resin.
Selected sections of wood from trunks up to 3,000 years old are used.
Simple, high quality chrome rims accentuate the beautiful surfaces of the handle materials.
This KOSMO Brush features a removable head, the brush can be easily unscrewed from the handle.
Other brushes from this line can be used with this handle.
Silvertip badger:
Natural hair, the finest material for handcrafted brushes.
Its special features are the shimmering silver colour and a black band running through the hair.
It is used to make durable, high-quality, unique pieces with outstanding performance qualities.
Size M = medium shaving brush bundle with a threaded 21 mm diameter ring size to unscrew
High-grade resin requires expert craftsmanship.
The material is turned from round rods and polished.
Handles in this design are highly durable and possess excellent haptic properties.
Chrome is a silvery-white metal that is processed galvanically.
Handles made of brass are first nickel-plated and then refined stylishly with chrome.
Approximate Dimensions:
  • W:35mm
  • H:110m
  • Weight:96g/3.3oz 
Comes safely stowed in an exquisite gray presentation box with MUHLE logo and hinged lid.

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