Merkur Silvertip Brush with Red Barber Pole Handle


$127.99 USD 

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This High Quality Shaving Brush is the perfect match to the Merkur Red Barber Pole Safety Razor Razor (which is available in our Safety Razor section)
Ergonomically designed and cast in lightweight and durable aluminum, then finished with a slip resistant colored surface, this brush is as pleasing to look at as it is to use.
If you prefer a heavier brush youll be satisfied with its 4.4 oz heft.
Silvertip Badger Bristles are the finest, softest bristles available and are only used in the Highest Quality Shaving Brushes made.
One of DOVOs Best and Highest Quality Brushes, this brush carries a 10 year warranty, rest assured, it will provide many years of faithful service.
Approximate Dimensions:
  • Weight: 4.4oz
  • Height: 4-1/4

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