Merkur Mach3 Razor Set


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Merkur 4-Piece Mach 3 Shave Set, Pure Badger Brush, Stand, Razor and Glass Bowl, Brushed Chrome, Germany.
The Merkur Mach3 Razor and Futur Silvertip Shaving Brush is combined with a matching stand and lather bowl.
The Mach3 razor contains an original Gillette Mach3 attachment mechanism that is plated to match the Merkur handle.
If you are a fan of triple blade shaving this setup will make shaving more pleasurable with the heft and feel provided.
The matching Futur Shave Brush is filled with silvertip badger hair which is the very finest and softest of all the grades of badger hair.
Silvertip badger comes from the neck area of the badger and is the most luxurious of shaving brushes.
The matte satin finish of this set will compliment any bathroom decor.
Set Includes:
  • Mach3 Razor with one blade
  • Pure Badger Brush
  • Decorative Glass Bow
  • Stand to hold Razor, Brush, Bowl and Soap
  • Includes a 2.25oz tub of Colonel Conks world famous Shave Soap.

Made in Germany


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