King Talc Talcum Powder


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King Research King Talc Talcum Powder 9oz
Soothing, Cooling, and Pleasantly Scented!
It's not a barber shop if it doesn't have talcum powder.
Thats where King Talc Talcum Powder comes in.
This lightly scented, natural talc powder soothes and comforts sensitive skin after shaving.
Simply dust the neck for fast and cool comfort with a pleasant scent.
You can even use it after spa services to absorb excess moisture to leave skin feeling smooth and silky.

  • Formulated with natural talc for soothing tender skin
  • Use for neck dusting to provide fast and cool comfort
  • Apply to skin to absorb moisture and leave skin smooth and silky
  • Powder is lightly scented
  • King Size 9oz Plastic Squeeze Bottle

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