Institut Karite Paris Shaving Cream Tube

Institut Karite Paris

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Institut Karite Paris 25 percent Shea Butter Moisturizing Shaving Cream is specially formulated to give you the smoothest shave.
For men who like traditional shaving brushes, this Moisturizing Shaving Cream from Institut Karite Paris provides the ideal lather for a really close shave. The enriched texture for sensitive skin softens, nourishes and protects skin leaving it cool and comfortable.
Institut Karite Paris has developed a very exclusive and unique Shea Butter-based cosmetic line.
The cosmetic features of Shea Butter are rich and provide exceptional vitamins that help to meet the skins essential needs:
*Vitamins A and D for skin revitalization
*Vitamin E for reoxygenating
*Vitamin F for elasticity.
*Scent: Milk Cream
*Size:30 ml/1fl. oz./Travel Tube with Screw Cap
Made in France

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