iKon B1 Standard Flat Bar Safety Razor-Choose Your Handle

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iKon B1 Standard Head Safety Razor-Pick Your Handle!
Unique in the realm of DE razors, this razor is excellent for sensitive skin types!
iKON utilizes modern engineering techniques to create some of the worlds finest shaving implements.

  • Unique Flat Bar Head Design
  • Closed Comb for sensitive skin - mild shaving
  • B1 Coating

Be sure to get one of these marvels of shaving engineering before they sell out!

Add an iKon Solo Stand to Store Your Razor in Style-Stand fits Bulldog and OSS handles-Not SE.

Approximate Dimensions (on OSS Handle):

  • Weight: 3.9oz/110g
  • Length: 4 Inches/101mm

iKon’s Proprietary B1 coating protects the stainless steel from corrosion, oxidation and tea staining, which is common when stainless steel is exposed to tap water, soap and different grades of steel blades.

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