HeadBlade HeadLube SPF30 Sunscreen


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Just when you think we had all the bases covered; HeadLube SPF30 sample packs and HeadLube SPF30 8 oz bottles, now we hit you with our reformulated AND coveted 5 oz. masterpiece.
You may think were just bored and like new packaging projects (au contraire!), but this one is really the Goldilocks of the team; just right.
With the new FDA labeling requirements for 2013 we took the initiative to make our SPF even more head friendly.
We made it a little thicker so it coats well and does not leave you with greasy residue.
We also made a cool new label, too (that part is because we like packaging projects, FDA requirements, and always strive for perfection).
We also dont want you to get burned; by the size, the price, or the sun.
*Handy 5oz Size

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