Fine MARVEL Three Piece Safety Razor


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Fine MARVEL Three-Piece Safety Razor. In stock for immediate shipment!

Comfortable and Efficient!
Experience the Pinnacle of Traditional Wet-Shaving Performance.

The Fine “Marvel” Safety Razor is a quintessential example of form following function in design. Beginning with the premise that the ideal safety razor should be exceedingly comfortable to use, yet highly efficient at mowing down stubble, we scrutinized every aspect of safety razor design to produce just that. The resulting razor is truly a Marvel of engineering, which sports an aggressively arched blade suspended nearly a full millimeter over a large, comforting safety bar.

But as every wet-shaver knows, the proof is in the shave! We suspect cartridge users will be amazed at just how comfortable a safety razor can be, while experienced wet-shavers will be just as surprised at how such a highly efficient shaver can shorten their usual routines.


  • Three Piece All Metal Safety Razor
  • Precision Molded Zinc Alloy with Chrome Electroplating

Approximate Dimensions:

  • Weight: 3.3oz-93g
  • Height: 3.4in-87mm

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