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EverBlade/Extend the life of your blade.
How does the EverBlade work?
The EverBlade is made up of a series of uniquely designed copper plates that create a mild energy field. This energy field repels the rust and corrosion particles that build up on the tip of the razor blade. In most cases the build up of particles on the tip of a razor blade make the blade feel dull, when in fact it is not. The EverBlade helps to prevent this process so you can experience the full life of the blade.
Which razor blades will work with the EverBlade?
All razor blades on the market today will work with the EverBlade.
Does the EverBlade have to touch the copper plate or will it work if it hoovers slightly above?
The razor blade does not have to contact the copper plate for it to work. In fact, its best if it is slightly above the plate, approximately 1/16th of an inch maximum between the plate and the blade.
What is the difference between a razor blade sharpener or strop and the EverBlade?
The difference is that the EverBlade will not sharpen a dull blade. The EverBlade keeps a new blade sharp longer by extending the life of the blade. A razor blade sharpener will sharpen dull blades.
For Best results:
*Start with a new blade
*Pre-Shave, Lather, shave, and apply after shave as you prefer
*Rinse blade, pat dry, place it back on the Ever Blade stand
*Allow blade to sit for 24 hrs. between uses.
Works with all razor blade products for men and women made by Gillette, Schick, Bic, or your favorite razor manufacturer.
Unit can be hung on the wall for convenience.

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