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Dreadnought Pre-Shave oil is a luxury product designed to make your whole shaving experience second to none.
Massage a splash of this oil into your beard before applying Dreadnought Shaving cream.
Your shave will be better than ever, and your face will be left silky soft and smooth to the touch!

Fair Warning!!!: The lady in your life will try and purloin this product as it can be used to great effect on its own for shaving womens legs.
Stash it out of sight, or instruct her to purchase her own!

The Manufacturer has insured us that these are the exact same formulas as the Original Bluebeards revenge U.K. Products, now packaged under the DREADNOUGHT label for distribution in the USA.
  • 125ml Jar
  • Imported from the UK.
  • Dreadnought uses totally recyclable packaging.

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