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Do Real Men condition? Well it appears so! Here at Dreadnought we generally listen to our customers and try and produce the products they really want. Our legions of loyal customers kept on asking for a conditioner and so it came to pass that we spoke to our boys in white coats and asked them to come up with a truly fine hair conditioner - one that would not look out of place in a swanky salon with a mega price tag but also we could bring down to earth with bang and offer to our customers at sensible money.

Dreadnought Hair Conditioner is a concentrated product. Try using less than you might ordinarily expect. Wash your hair as normal (using our Concentrated Shampoo of course) then massage in a good dollop of conditioner leaving for a few minutes before washing out with plenty of water. Thats it! Silky soft locks sorted! Might we suggest that you keep this product well away from the fairer sex - they will help themselves once they realize how good it is!

We couldnt find any guinea pigs, Beagles or rabbits daft enough to volunteer for product testing so we resorted to testing it on real human beings instead. Luckily the boys in the lab had done a fine job and all the chaps survived the experience and have suffered no ill effects (we think!).
*8.5oz/250ml Bottle with Flip cap
Made in the UK.
*Model: DNCOND

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