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A stimulating and reviving bodywash designed for real men.
Warning, this product will make you irresistible to the opposite sex.
The Ultimate Concentrated Bodywash for Real Men
Dreadnought has developed this bodywash to make the Showering experience as enjoyable as possible.
Carefully formulated by clever guys in white lab coats and laced with lashings of sexy ingredients, this bodywash cuts through dirt and grime whilst leaving your skin soft and hydrated.
Yes, for once Dreadnought has got in touch with its feminine side and produced a properly lush, highly concentrated bodywash that any lady would be happy to use.
You have been warned...leave this bottle hanging around and your lady will have it away
Dreadnought Bodywash is very concentrated and you will probably not need as much as you think.
This is especially true if you use a foamer or flannel OK its a bit girly but you will be saving the planet and your hard earned cash
No animals were used to test this product, instead Dreadnought gave it to a bunch of properly sweaty blokes to test.
Needless to say they all survived the experience and were all the cleaner for it
*8.5oz 250ml Bottle with Flip cap
Made in the UK.
*Model: DNBODY

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