Edwin Jagger Closed Comb DE8911BL Safety Razor

Edwin Jagger

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Edwin Jagger DE8911BL Smooth Chrome Double Edge Safety Razor

This closed bar Safety Razor is designed for a Close Comfortable Shave of Normal Beard types, and is well-suited for those with Sensitive Skin.
This gleaming chrome razor features a two-piece razor head that has proven to give a very smooth, close, comfortable shave at a fraction of the cost of modern 3, 4, or 5 blade cartridge razors.
Most people who use traditional double edge (DE) razors never go back to modern cartridge style razors.

The DE8911BL has a medium weight with the balance point more toward the razor head to allow the razor to do the shaving without having to apply pressure.
This model razor is heavier than the previous designs.
This DE8911BL is slightly heavier (2.65 oz. vs 2.5 oz.) than the DE89 2009 model, and this model shifts the weight more toward the head.
In addition, this razor has a knurled base at the bottom of the handle vs the 2009 model which is plain chrome.

The handle is Brilliant Chrome in the traditional round shape.
The base of the handle features a knurled chrome ring for added grip and style.
Just below the head is inscribed the lettering: Edwin Jagger.

This is a Classic Design three-piece double edge razor which means you unscrew the handle from the head, and the head separates into two pieces that the razor blade inserts between.

Includes One Feather Hi-Stainless DE Razor Blade.
  • Length: 3.75in
  • Weight: 2.65 oz
  • Uses any Standard Double Edge (DE) Blade (Derby, Feather, Shark, etc)
Made in Sheffield, England by Edwin Jagger.
Comes securely stowed in an Edwin Jagger Black Box.

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