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Mugs have minor scratches & bumps, but still, work great!


Shave Nation Coffee Cup Shaving Mug 
Coffee-or Cream! Shaving Cream That Is!
Deep Navy Blue Glossy Ceramic Finish
Side Handle for Easy Grip
The ceramic retains heat which also helps build lather and keep it warm.

  • Ideal for use with many hard shaving soap refills
  • Wonderful accompaniment for any wet shaving routine
  • A must have for shaving brush users
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Excellent gift for any Wet Shaver or Coffee Drinker!

Use with shaving soap and hot water to whip up a rich lather for wet shaving!
Approximate Dimensions:

  • Height: 3-3/4in-95mm
  • Diameter across Top: 3-1/in4-82mm
  • Weight:13oz-368g

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