Colonel Conk Shave Mug & Soap

Colonel Conk

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This Colonel Conk Barber Shave Mug/Scuttle brings the old fashioned barber style to your bathroom.
Fill it with hot water to warm your brush and soap for shaving.
This ingenious shaving mug keeps your water hot while it allows steam to escape through holes in the platform, moistening your shaving soap.
To Use:
Fill the shaving mug with hot water. The heat of the water will resonate throughout the mug and will heat the soap sitting neatly on the top.
The subsequent lather will stay warm and the enlarged spout allows you a place to rest your brush or add a bit more water to it.
For use with most scuttle sized shave soaps
Includes one 2.25 oz. Colonel Conk Shaving Soap

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