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This bowl will store your shaving puck and has a lid to keep it from drying out. A terrific addition to any shave den. Mix mounds of lather quickly and easily!

This soap locker pairs nicely with its matching Captain's Choice handcrafted lather bowl.  Together they make a terrific addition to any shave den.  Pick up a tub of Captain's Choice soap or cream to make it complete!

Your Choice of Colors

Measuring 3 1/2" wide by 2" deep and sized to hold a full five ounces of soap, this is a must-have for the shaving enthusiast.  Emblazoned with the signature Captain's Choice logo and crowned with a matching lid, your soap has never had it this good!  Each is handcrafted to our specifications and no two are exactly the same.  Please use the pictures only as a guideline, recognizing that with any handmade product there will be variations in the glaze and finish.  Each one is truly one of a kind!

Note: These are handmade thus item each piece will vary slightly in size and finish.  
Made in the USA

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