Captain's Choice Lather Bowl-Abaco

Captain's Choice

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ABACO - this cheerful color brings to mind lazy days beneath the tropical sun with the gentle lapping of waves against the shore. With Abaco in hand, the Caribbean can be yours every morning.

Sturdy and rugged, Seaworthy lather bowls are designed with a prominent ridge around the lower circumference for a secure and comfortable grip. 

Natural differences in the glaze along with the individual craftsmanship of each bowl ensure that no two will be exactly the same.

Ridges on the interior expedite the lathering process, and the low profile ensures the brush handle will not strike against the side. The convenient "button" with signature compass rose adds a touch of class while serving as a thumb rest to provide a secure grip as you generate your lather. 

Approximate Dimensions:
  • 4.5in - 114mm Across Top
  • 1.5in - 38mm High

Note: These are handmade thus item each piece will vary slightly in size and finish. 

Made in the USA


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