Captain's Choice Copper Lather Bowl

Captain's Choice

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Designed with a classic rolled edge and aged finish, this exquisite lather bowl is coated in a protective lacquer for durability and long life, making it an excellent travel companion. Unbreakable construction for years of lather-building service!

It begins as a sheet of copper and following application of the hammered finish, the copper is then placed over a mold.  Ridges are impressed into the bottom to help expedite the lathering process. The sides are fashioned to achieve a stunning contoured profile that is ideal for both containing the lather and preventing the brush knocking against the sides of the bowl.  The convenient thumb rest is affixed to the exterior and and is slightly indented to guarantee a firm grip. 

Captain's Choice logo on the front, and bottom.

Approximate Dimensions:
  • 4.5 in-114mm Across Top
  • 1-1/2in - 38mm High
Note: These are handmade thus item each piece will vary slightly in size and finish. 

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