Captain's Choice Aftershave Splash Sampler

Captain's Choice

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Captain's Choice Aftershave delivers an authentic scent that you just can't get enough of.  

For those wanting to test out these products before buying a bottle, or for those who travel and would like a convenient way to take Captain's Choice products along, we have the solution! Now offering our six aftershaves, each in a handy 1/4 ounce sample vial. 

To Apply:
*Rinse face with cold water
*Pat face with towel or allow to air dry
*Shake bottle to mix natural ingredients thoroughly
*Remove cap
Place your cupped palm over the opening, flip the bottle upside down, then flip the bottle right side up, and the liquid that pours out is usually the right amount every time.
*Rub product together in palms
*Apply to freshly shaved dry face and or back of the neck
*Allow to air dry
*4oz Glass Bottle with screw cap.

Made In the USA

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