Boker Weiner Schaber Straight Razor 4/8 Blade


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The Vienna "Schaber" is a unique straight razor shape that was typically made in 4/8“ configurations and compels with its particularly elegant and flowing lines. Primarily used for trimming contours and for "cleanup trimming" in the gentlemen's salons of the first half of the 20th century, the diminutive Vienna "Schaber" is of course also suited for the daily shave.

The characteristic short blade with French head, whose blade transitions into the tang with a soft bow, gives the Vienna "Schaber" its entirely unique visual appeal. The blade is made from classic carbon steel (non-stainless) with particularly fine grain structure. Fully handcrafted in the Solingen-based Böker knife manufactory. Shipped with authenticity certificate and in historical packaging.

Features "Wiener Schaber" etching and authentic Boker stamp on the blade.
Made completely by hand in the Boker Manufactory in Solingen, Germany.
Comes in historical packaging with a certificate of authenticity.
This Razor is 100% Shave Ready and Comes in a hygienically sealed protective/storage case.


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