Antiga Barbearia Shavette Razor

Antiga Barbearia/Portugal

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Antiga Barbearia de Bairro developed this old fashioned straight razor shavette in the old barber style.
Keeping the brands philosophy of reviving the traditional shave, a partnership with Ivo Cutelarias was a perfect formed, embracing the challenge of creating this magnificent piece.
Without a doubt, this is the most iconic object of the traditional method of shaving, and though its concept is faithful to the old days models, the modern disposable blade head makes it rather unique.
This 2nd Edition features a more ergonomic metal handle, with a beautifully designed wooden handle, entirely made with the most traditional methods.
Presented stowed snugly inside a handsome metal casing/great for gift giving.
Handle: 5.1in/13cm
Blade: 5.1in/13cm
Max Width: .59in/1.5cm
Thickness: 1cm
Razor Weight: 1.5oz/45g
Total Weight: 8.4oz/240g
Made in Portugal.

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