Boker Straight Razor 4/8 Green Micarta


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For many years, canvas Micarta has been a well established and approved material for handles of sporting knives and outdoor knives.
Generally, Micarta is a compound material, consisting of fabric and epoxy.
To produce Micarta, many layers of the medium (canvas) are immersed in epoxy.
When hardened, it can be ground in the appropriate shape, and the typical structure of the basic material comes out in a beautiful way.
The handle scales of the new straight razor model Tree Brand are made of the very popular green canvas Micarta.
Canvas Micarta does not only have an appealing look, it also offers a lot of advantages in use.

This material is extremely rugged and provides a very secure and comfortable grip, even with wet hands.
The compact 4/8 blade is made of the best Solingen razor steel (high edge retention, non-stainless) and provides perfect handling, even for professional use, with the traditional hollow grind.

Features historical etching and authentic Boker stamp on the blade.
Made completely by hand in the Boker Manufactory in Solingen, Germany.
Comes in historical packaging with a certificate of authenticity.
This Razor is 100% Shave Ready and Comes in a hygienically sealed protective/storage case.

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