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Premier Strop Co. Red Latigo 3 Double Strop with D-Rings
These handmade strops are the pride of Amish craftsman working out of Ohio in the USA.
Superior quality, long-lasting, and dependable, the Red Latigo premium cowhide ensures a shave ready straight razor.
Features a second strop, that hangs behind the cowhide, which is made from unique webbed fabric that recalls vintage strop texture.
A surface of 17 inches X 3 inches ensures an ample work surface.
Wide enough so that the standard straight razor blade contacts the strop without the need to perform an X Pattern.
Actually 2 Strops in one:
  • Nylon webbed fabric
  • Quality Red Latigo Leather
  • D Rings at the end of each strop for an easy comfortable grip.
  • Swivel Snap-Ring at the other end for easy attachment
Recommended use prior to shaving:
  • Perform approx. 25 Round Trips (back and fourth) on the Webbed Fabric Strop
  • Perform 50 Round Trips on the Red Latigo Strop
When using any type of fabric or leather strop implement, always lead with the spine of the Straight Razor (trail with the blade)
*Please view our video in this section for more detailed instruction*

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