iKon ShaveCraft #101 Combo Safety Razor-Choose Your Handle

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ShaveCraft #101 Combination Open/Closed Comb Safety Razor
These Razors are the newest model/retooled with a longer center post.
The Formidable ShaveCraft #101 razor.
Have you been hesitant about purchasing an iKon razor due to the cost?
Here is your solution.
The classic iKon engineering, fit, and finish at a much more affordable price!
In this price range there is nothing even remotely close to the precision and quality of the new iKon product!
This razor gives you the best options available:
Combination safety bar featuring:
  • Closed Comb side (great for sensitive skin and everyday shaving)
  • Open Comb side (great for more aggressive shaving)

The best of both worlds!

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