Groom Mate Lady Nose-Ear Trimmer

Groom Mate

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If you are like thousands of other people who are looking for an alternative to the more complicated battery-operated nose hair trimmers, then you have come to the right place.Groom Mate Ladies Nasal Hair Trimmer
The new Lady Groom Mate Nasal Hair Trimmer for women. The same design as the new Groom Mate Classic trimmer, only in the latest, cool shade of purple for a more feminine touch.
Lady Groom Mate is compact and discreet and your friends will think its a tube of lipstick.
Two hand operation.
Directions: Hold the upper handle and insert the trimmer 1/8 into your nostril. With your hand rotate the bottom handle back and forth. Clean the rust proof blades with water or simply by blowing the hairs out.
*Only 3 inches in length.
*Works without batteries.
*Engineered to last a Lifetime!
Made in USA

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